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Title:   Deadpool
Director:   Tim Miller
Year:   2016
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.09.16

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07.09.16Internet I liked this, although I do feel like I saw it way too late. It's actually surprising how many movies I can avoid finding too much out about until it hits DVD, but this one pretty much everyone talked about. A lot. I do appreciate how the leaked test footage and most of the trailers showed stuff from the first reel of the film, but I'd heard pretty much every joke from one person or another. I don't say this to whine about spoilers for a movie I didn't go see in theaters, but to say that my impression of the movie, while good overall, was somewhat dampened by already being familiar with most of it.

There were a few nice touches that were new for me though, and the familiar stuff was still good. I love that Colossus (maybe my fav x-man) finally made a decent cinematic appearance, and it's nice to see R-rated swordplay in all its gory details. Working with a director so experienced with visual effects really helped I think.

So yeah, good. funny.
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