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Title:   Bad News Bears
Director:   Richard Linklater
Year:   2005
Genre:   Child Empowerment
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.20.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.20.05Paramount saw this at the Austin premiere in the Paramount theater with Linklater and most of the team in attendance. since i was in the second row instead of the first, the lack of leg room was like sitting in an airplane, although for the first time ever i actually had the experience of having cute girls (sans boyfriends) to my left and my right, and a really hot model-type sitting right in front of me. It made up for the lack of stretching room.

The movie was entertaining. I wont say it's the best ever but it wasn't the worst. I think maybe it's on par with School of Rock, depending on how you feel about the subjects. Personally, I got more of a kick out seeing kids rock out than play baseball so i think I prefer SoR, but i bet if i was more into baseball then I'd go the other way pretty easily.

The Q&A afterward was pretty funny with most of the questions addressed to all the kids. Some were more talkative then others but they were all really charismatic and happy and funny. One question asked them to say their ages and where they were from and what work they've done so they went down the line, one kid's playing Johnny Cash as a kid in Walk the Line, etc., etc., there was a funny kid that was from Canada, then they get to this one kid who just quietly says "I'm from Texas" and the whole theater breaks out in cacophenous cheer. Texas pride, man; crazy.

The afterparty was at Dart Bowl. I still didn't bowl but after hearing about the enchiladas that i missed out on when they screening The Big Lebowski there, I had to show up for the food and free drinks. It's great how the worst mexican food here is better than the best mexican food on the east coast. even the macaroni salad was spicy and good. It's also a bit surreal to be standing in the food line a few people away from Linklater and his daughters, just havin some food after another day of work. Other AFS high-ups were also hanging out and talking to people... now i just have to figure a way to become one of them.
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