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Title:   De Palma
Director:   Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow
Year:   2015
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.12.16

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09.12.16Internet An extended interview with director Brian De Palma intercut pretty well with the films that he's talking about. He goes through each one of his films, making this a pretty complete account of his career.

So... I've been pretty vocal about not being such a huge De Palma fan. As a fan of hitchcock, it bothers me how his "homages" are just, like, actual re-tellings of Hitchcock movies. I mean, I respect that he's upfront about following in Hitch's footsteps, but I think maybe taking techniques, style choices, and even casting make much better sense than actual plot points or storylines. Like, Dressed to Kill is not a bad movie until it literally BECOMES Psycho. So that's really my problem with the guy's work. Well, that and how certain of his films I think are extremely overrated.

But you know, hearing his side of the story... listening to him talk candidly about what worked and what didn't work with each picture, what he was going for, what he ended up with... I can respect the career. For a guy who's certainly had some really amazing flops, like on a consistent basis, he's always managed to bounce back. And there are aspects or moments of some of his films that I do appreciate... and I like how upfront he is about liking women in his movies. I definitely feel like his connection to Vertigo is telling in this regard. His films always have a slightly exploitative feel toward his leading ladies in a way that I feel Hitch was, for the most part, too repressed or polite to actually express.

So I don't know. I thought this doc was interesting. I kinda sort of want to revisit maybe Blow Up, maybe Femme Fatale. It is remarkable that his group of peers became such luminaries in Hollywood. I really wonder what a Sidney Lumet Scarface would be though. damn.
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