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Title:   Inside Out
Director:   Pete Docter
Year:   2015
Genre:   Animated
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.13.16

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.13.16NetflixThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2016
The third and final day of this year's DVRfest starts with a Sunday matinee that I can watch with Molly. I feel like I've taken a few years off from Pixar films. After Cars 2 (which I did not like), it feels like they've been churning out sequels mostly, but this one got a bunch of acclaim and it sounded like a good premise.

I liked it a lot. It reminded me of how good Pixar films can be. It's so smart and attentive to detail and the animation is top notch and the voice acting is on point. Really good stuff. I particularly liked all the other heads we got to glimpse inside of. It makes me wonder if cat lovers like the same things about cats that I don't like, because to me it seemed like Pixar is full of dog lovers, but maybe cat people feel the exact opposite? Like look at that stupid dog just wanting food, meanwhile the cat is so crazy and messed up that it freaks out for no reason which is lovable and hilarious? I dunno...

Anyway, onto the next movie.
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