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Title:   Nocturnal Animals
Director:   Tom Ford
Year:   2016
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.05.17

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02.05.17Internet This movie was very pretty and reminded me of Lost Highway in some ways. I liked Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon's performance quite a bit, love that they used Isla Fisher as an Amy Adams stand-in, and really liked the idea of following a story (in this case a book) and simultaneously seeing how the reader is interpreting it and affected by it. Amy Adams was also good but harder to like because her character's not so sympathetic. Lots of people are in here for one scene... Something felt a bit off about Amy Adams's "current" life stuff... but that might be where all this pretty style comes in and the beauty makes things cold and disconnected. I was with it for the most part but the endings - both of the "book" and of the movie itself - left me a tiny bit wanting. I wanted more closure in both, and to get them right after each other kind of compounded the feeling. Mostly though, I thought it was good.
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