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Title:   Lynch (One)
Director:   blackANDwhite
Year:   2007
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.31.17

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05.31.17Internet I stumbled across this on this Internet. I MIGHT have watched it at work. It's a circa 2007 direct cinema-style doc following David Lynch around during his website/Inland Empire/Transcendental Meditation Book tour days... which is great because that's when I encountered him in Austin and those memories just came churning to the surface of my memory because of seeing Sonja last week... so it's all connected.

I've watched a lot of interviews with David Lynch but never really had a chance to see him working or in a candid moment when he's not on his guard. In some ways, These moments did a lot to humanize him for me. Seeing him cuss and deal with frustration, seeing him cutting wood with a cig sticking out of his mouth or physically putting paint on canvas, speaking freely with (presumably) his support staff or colleagues just like anyone else. But in other ways, it did more to build up the complete and utter freedom he has in life as an artist. Even though my memory of watching Inland Empire was pretty strained, I can't help but covet his confidence to do whatever the fuck he wants and construct this film in a completely experimental nature. And not only the movie but life in general. Painting, photography, wood... cutting... whatever it is he's doing here. He just does it. And that's what he gives off in interviews but I've never been certain if that's really how he lives life but it totally definitely is.

This might mean I have to watch Inland Empire again. Damn it.

As a film, this is kind of just a collection of footage. But i don't really need a story arc here... it's presented as raw intimate moments with Lynch and that's what you get. I mean, the footage they have in here of Lynch directing Laura Dern or the Polish actors is more intimate than I've seen of 98% of the behind-the-scenes stuff I've seen from other directors.

and... I have to say... there's a goddamn treasure trove of amazing David Lynch quotes:

"I'm in a hair of a funk."

"I'm reading the bible... to get ideas... to figure out what this film is about. That's what I did on Eraserhead."

"I want a one-legged sixteen year old girl. I want a Japanese girl who's Jap- who's Eurasian. I want a Eurasian. Like 23. beautiful. I want a pet monkey. A spider monkey. Pet."
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