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Title:   Kong: Skull Island
Director:   Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Year:   2017
Genre:   Monster
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.06.17

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.06.17Internet Well, I like the idea of doing a Kong movie set in Vietnam era military, and ILM did an admirable job with all of the CG. The mo-cap artist played Kong more like a half-dude than a full ape but I guess he was always kind of a step above being just a giant ape. Really the fault of the movie (aside from the last act which completely unravels, and the choice of writing Sam Jackson's character the way they did) was the... I don't know if "music video style" is even applicable anymore. It was like someone doing Michael Bay satire. I think I head every "Vietnam" song on the list. The photography was striking but was so stylized that the entire movie rang false (before giant creatures even showed up). I did enjoy all the monster stuff though...
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