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Title:   The Bad Batch
Director:   Ana Lily Amirpour
Year:   2017
Genre:   Cannibal
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.10.17

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11.10.17NetflixThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2017
oh, hey. didn't see you there, November 9th! I guess your arrival means it's time to spend another weekend catching up on movies that have slipped through the cracks but I still want to see so they linger on various lists, queues, and hard drive directories where they sit there waiting, silently stewing and cursing my lack of time and all the stupid video games and tv shows that i watch instead of them; their only hope: the one weekend of the year that they get a chance at vindication and sweet release: DVRfest!!!!!

Since I missed Fantastic Fest last year, this weekend will make DVRfest (my personal film festival where I ignore life for a weekend and watch a bunch of movies that I've been meaning to see, usually pairing them with awful junk food) the longest-running and most populated item on my movie event list! It is also a commemoration of another year dedicated to this site, making notes of all the movies I see (which is usually not so many as when I started this venture, making this event perpetually bittersweet, but alas). Another year has come and gone so let's celebrate with two and a half, three days of movie debauchery. So come with me, invisible reader/confidant/only-friend, as We dive in with this crazy-looking movie that I missed last year! The Bad Batch!

Huh, not exactly what I thought, but very interesting and there was a lot to like. Great music selection, wonderful aesthetic, interesting world. I'm not sure why... i mean i guess i understand why, but there seems to be this trade-off that most filmmakers feel where, if you want to be "artistic" then you have to slow your movie down and cut out all dialogue. I guess that leaves more time for audiences just to stare at the screen and think about what they're seeing? I guess it has its place in cinema but I can't help but juxtapose this style with something like David Fincher's work where just as much is going on visually but you also have a gripping story that propels itself forward. Or i guess a more blatant comparison would be Mad Max: Fury Road since it shares a similar setting and color palette. I guess this movie didn't have near the budget or inclination to go toward action, but I was expecting a little more conflict and climax than I got.

As it stands, I still enjoyed it and found it interesting, but from what I got from the trailer I felt it could've delivered more.

OK, next up is a triple feature of films that I've successfully put off seeing for like five years. I've finally reached the tipping point where enough people have told me how good these are that I will sit down and watch them.
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