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Title:   Dazed and Confused
Director:   Richard Linklater
Year:   1993
Genre:   Stoner
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   03.08.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
03.08.05Alamo South Lamar How could i pass up an opportunity to see this in a theater? Not a crappy little art-house theater like the Dobie either but a huge screen, stadium seated brand spankin new Alamo Drafthouse theater!!! Wiley WIggins was in attendance, doing a quick Q&A before-hand... yes, he's been asked about the touching-his-nose thing... he brought up the drinking game but didn't want anyone to do it in fear of alcohol poisoning/death. I asked the question I always wanted to know, whether Affleck was all Method-y or if he was actually a nice guy to him, and surprisingly enough he was a pretty good guy... Wiggins said he wasn't famous enough to be crazy at that point... They also showed alyssa milano workout tapes and retro commercials like Mr. Microphone. when they played the trailer for the alamo's upcoming Muppet sing-a-long, the whole theater sang along. This town is so cool.

the movie: so awesome. It really is a classic... I hope Criterion does it up right some day. i loved seeing it up on a big screen with the sound throbbing the bass into your feet. Something i never noticed before: in the scene where Wooderson is expounding on the merits of high school girls, Pink reveals that his belt buckle is also a pipe, unlatching it to take a hit then putting it back on. I've always been so entertained by McConaughey's performance that i never noticed what anyone else was doing.

alas, some girl won answered the trivia question and won the free-movies-for-a-year pass... friggin misfits... oh well.
11.19.04Netflix still great. why don't I own this yet? Oh yeah, eve the new "Flashback Edition" sucks and is barebones as hell. I hope that Criterion rumor pans out. this movie totally deserves it. totally.