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Title:   Hereditary
Director:   Ari Aster
Year:   2018
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.05.18

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07.05.18Alamo Mueller Toni Collette is a mom... with a dead mother and a daughter and a son... i dunno, it's a friggin witch movie, alright? It's not called THE WITCH but when the first thing everyone says about it is stuff like "yeah you know it was reminiscent of that movie The Witch?" or "it really reminded me of that movie Rosemary's Baby" then you can kind of put two and two together right?

But it's a GOOD witch movie. I thought it was really well done. If anything, the plot was maybe the most familiar or unsurprising thing about it. The whole motif of using small spaces and shooting the sets really wide to let you see the entire room was cool. I REALLY dug the soundtrack. they use this bed of relentless synthesizer loop but it's laid in pretty light - at first i thought it was bleed from another auditorium - so, like, any time anything remotely foreboding or creepy happens, this dzshdzshdzshdzshdzshdzsh kicks in. In other places, the score gets super in your face and kind of carries all of the horror just in the music which i thought got a little overbearing, but I also kind of think that's a trend. I definitely feel like the Insidious movies did that but I can't remember if The Witch did as well. I do kind of feel like the movie would've been more eerie if the music played it closer to the chest and really only opened up at the end (which it did beautifully), but for the most part I really loved the score.

The acting was also great. That kid from My Friend Dahmer really perfected keeping his eyes and mouth open... he did a good job but Collette absolutely killed it. I really loved the "crazy woman" outfit that they put her in.

All in all a good movie. Not a great movie to try to eat chips and queso in, but good.
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