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Title:   A Final Cut for Orson
Director:   Ryan Suffern
Year:   2018
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.20.18

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12.20.18Netflix This is a short (40 minute) doc telling the technical and logistical account of constructing The Other Side of the Wind and getting it finished in accordance with what Orson Welles had in mind. Watching it made me feel like my previous note (about the film itself) was pretty harsh. So much hard work went into restoring and completing this... but you know, every movie takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to get made so my feelings on the film itself have to stand independently from how I feel about the making of it. I did find it interesting to see Frank Marshall and Peter Bogdanovich's reaction to watching the newly-restored work print. All of the interview footage here described the film as interesting and bizarre and unique but never "good." But still... I find it incredibly cool that such a talent pool came together in service of Welles' memory and influence to make his final work see the light of day. In general, for the half of his projects that were unfinished in some way, it seems like war more work has been done by people since his death to restore his vision than anyone offered while he was alive.

And it looks like a shit ton of work was done to finish this film. Crazy amounts. Even though this doc feels like it would be a bonus feature on a blu-ray, i still enjoyed watching it more than the film itself. Now, for the feature-length doc.
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