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Title:   They Shall Not Grow Old
Director:   Peter Jackson
Year:   2018
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.22.18

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.22.18Internet From the get-go, the intent of this doc is not to give a history lesson of World War I but to present the experience of a British soldier as it was back then. For all the fact stuff like which battle was which, when the tanks came in, where they were stationed and whatnot I couldn't help but think back to listening to the hardcore history series Blueprint for Armageddon. The stuff that Dan Carlin's podcast series can't give you though is what's so special about this.

For the first half hour or so, it feels like a typical documentary constructed with audio interviews over old footage. A few shots are clearly enhanced or slowed down with computers which give the imagery a liquidy movement to it that I found both noticeable and offputting. When they start to talk about the trenches though, Jackson's crazy restoration footage kicks in and I'm watching colorized, framerate-corrected footage and it seems like the footage was captured ten years ago rather than a hundred. And what's crazier is that after a while I stopped marveling at how amazing the footage looks and just took it for granted.

For the footage alone, this film is remarkable. The stories that the interviewed veterans tell are quite powerful but intensify a thousand percent when you're watching actual examples of what they're talking about on the screen. Not recreations, not animation, but actual footage of dudes sleeping in flooded trenches and fields of corpses strewn amongst barren craters and lines of barbed wire.

And some amazingly bad teeth. Holy shit.
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