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Title:   Game of Thrones: The Last Watch
Director:   Jeanie Finlay
Year:   2019
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.27.19

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05.27.19Internet This is a feature length doc documenting the production of Game of Thrones' final season. It's really well done, focusing on several crew to tell the story of this gargantuan production. Considering the current backlash against the ending, this goes a long way to humanize things... although it's a bit of a cheat because really every movie is very hard to make, every tv show is years of hard work and long hours... to know that something took a lot of effort shouldn't sway your opinions of the work. That's my belief anyway. But all that aside, the real star of this is the Stark extra guy. I liked the guy in charge of snow and the location manager who swore like a sailor but the Stark extra guy you just love immediately. So against the backdrop of this show, you get these human stories which are very endearing. To me, that elevates this above your average BTS doc.
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