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Title:   Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Director:   Quentin Tarantino
Year:   2019
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.27.19

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.27.19Galaxy Highland I saw a movie! In a theater! it's my birthday! I'm old!

I really liked this. For a movie lover, I feel like there's no working director out there who likes to show off his love of movies more than Tarantino. This one is just a buffet of cinematic delights. He got to make fake american western tv shows, euro-crime chase scenes, classic hollywood hullabaloo, a bevvy of amazing posters for fake films, and a bunch more. Plus he gets to make actual Hollywood into the nostalgia-soaked version of his dreams and drive around in it all day and night to 70 songs of the period... it all looks like it was the fantasy-fulfillment of a film geek lifetime.

Going in, i had zero clue of the story, and I was pleasantly surprised there. Leo was fantastic, you want to hang out with Brad Pitt every day, Margot Robbie got more screen time than I thought, and pretty much everyone else was in it less than I thought they'd be. I guess with that much room for very small roles, they got to pad out the cast list with all this crazy talent and still have a movie pretty much centered on two dudes hanging out.

The ending is pretty good too.

so yeah... another great one I think. And it's not so heavy that I'd be hesitant to watch it again. soon.
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