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Title:   Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Director:   Quentin Tarantino
Year:   2019
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   08.13.21

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
08.13.21Internet Coming off the novelization... it did help with the context of the Lancer show that they were shooting (I think my first viewing I just took all that stuff as random 60s TV western type whatnot and didn't put together that Timothy Olyphant and Luke Perry were supposed to be brothers. And it made explicit a few things that I liked how the movie didn't answer (like Cliff's wife, the half-billboard painting in Rick's driveway, the dog's attack training) but otherwise the book omits pretty much the entire third act, only mentioning it in passing. So odd considering how well the movie works. But i suppose the greatest strength of the movie is its atmosphere and how well they dressed the town as era-appropriate. The constant radio soundtrack and all the driving and these floating crane shots floating above everyone really make you feel like you're glimpsing LA how it was.

I was actually wondering if I'd like it less this time considering my experience with the book but still enjoyed it quite a bit. Those performances, man... such juicy roles for both Leo and Pitt. All the other roles are pretty minimal but those two really get to do some stuff.
07.27.19Galaxy Highland I saw a movie! In a theater! it's my birthday! I'm old!

I really liked this. For a movie lover, I feel like there's no working director out there who likes to show off his love of movies more than Tarantino. This one is just a buffet of cinematic delights. He got to make fake american western tv shows, euro-crime chase scenes, classic hollywood hullabaloo, a bevvy of amazing posters for fake films, and a bunch more. Plus he gets to make actual Hollywood into the nostalgia-soaked version of his dreams and drive around in it all day and night to 70 songs of the period... it all looks like it was the fantasy-fulfillment of a film geek lifetime.

Going in, i had zero clue of the story, and I was pleasantly surprised there. Leo was fantastic, you want to hang out with Brad Pitt every day, Margot Robbie got more screen time than I thought, and pretty much everyone else was in it less than I thought they'd be. I guess with that much room for very small roles, they got to pad out the cast list with all this crazy talent and still have a movie pretty much centered on two dudes hanging out.

The ending is pretty good too.

so yeah... another great one I think. And it's not so heavy that I'd be hesitant to watch it again. soon.
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