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Title:   Die Kinder der Toten
Director:   Kelly Copper, Pavol Liska
Year:   2019
Genre:   Silent
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.25.19

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09.25.19Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2019
Day Seven! Almost there!

I didn't really know much about this walking into it which is maybe for the best. If I realized it was a silent adaptation of an "unfilmable" Austrian novel I maybe would've slept in instead.

This is one of those movies where I didn't enjoy watching it at all but found some interesting things in it afterward. I'm glad I saw it even though I didn't like watching it. It feels pretty random and not particularly interesting or good.

The most interesting thing about the movie came from the Q&A afterward where I learned the following:

-the filmmakers were not Austrian
-the filmmakers had not read the book
-the filmmakers didn't know who would show up when they went to Austria to shoot, ready to make the movie with just the two of them(?) but using all the non-actors that showed up
-the filmmakers only followed a loose script then put together the movie based on the stuff they got

So... the movie isn't really an adaptation or even what the filmmakers had planned to make... which makes the act of making the film a sort of performance art in a way... so watching the movie is really just a byproduct of their art, not the art itself? That's kind of how I thought of it anyway after hearing them talk about their process.

Very challenging and experimental... kind of rough for the penultimate morning show.
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