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Title:   All That Jazz
Director:   Bob Fosse
Year:   1979
Genre:   Musical
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.09.19

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- Star 80

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.09.19Blu-rayThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2019
Roll #4: 14

I believe the only Bob Fosse movie that I've seen is Star 80 which blew me away and kicked me in the balls. I recognize that Cabaret is something I need to see at some point but at least now I've seen this.

This was really great. I appreciate Fosse's frenetic editing style and shot composition most of all. You really feel inside his brain from start to finish. Roy Scheider's great but he has a ton to do between the dancers and the comedian movie and the "backstage" mental space which are all great on their own. All those topless dancers don't hurt either. whoa.

I also... so I'm pretty firmly on record as not caring for most musicals. My main problem is breaking narrative, where they're so happy they have to sing in a dining room or on a hilltop or in LA traffic, then the music ends and the world starts up again. The musicals I do like (mostly the old Busby Berkeley ones) felt like they were made before filmmakers figured out audiences would sit through that crap. So they set every musical on Broadway and the story of every musical was putting on a show. But when it came time to actually do the music numbers, film magic took over and you get to see more spectacle and flair than ever possible on a stage. I might be wrong but I feel like there's only two straight-up music numbers in this.. ok maybe two and a half if you count the girlfriend and daughter singing in the living room. The last one is forgiven because it's in his mind and works great especially at the end when he goes into the crowd and thanks everyone for being there, but my favorite is the sexytime one about casual relationships. That did that magic stuff a bit but still in the confines of the practice studio. It was so good.

And I loved how everyone was sweaty. Another major peccadillo of mine is that nobody in movies sweats. If all I saw was movies then I'd be a climate change denier because I'd think the 70s was the only decade where it got hot outside. People sweat when they exercise, dancing is exercise, ergo dancers sweat. So great.

So yeah, another great one. Glad I finally saw it.

The sun's down now and I'm in the realm of maybe two more movies, maybe one more. It could be like Che last year with World on a Wire, or it could be a nice 90 minute French noir. Or it could be Dr. Mabuse and put me to sleep at 10pm. We shall see!

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