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Title:   Beastie Boys Story
Director:   Spike Jonze
Year:   2020
Genre:   Filmed Play
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.29.20

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Notes History
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04.29.20Internet A filmed version of the live show that Mike D And Ad Rock did in support of their book a few years ago. A book I still have not read because it's jam-packed with photos and interesting design but it's also a brick. From what I hear, I should probably listen to the audio book since reading on a kindle wouldn't do justice.

The show is pretty good. Basically telling the story of the band up through Hello Nasty. I kinda wish it would've been an hour longer to go deeper into their later catalog but it's already two hours and I guess that's what the book is for. I enjoyed this immensely, but I'm a Beastie fan. I'm not sure there's much here for anyone not interested in them or their story. Is that even a valid criticism though? It's called Beastie Boys Story... what else is it supposed to be about?

I guess I can say that most of the movie is them reading from a teleprompter with a slidehow of images on screen behind them. Much of the oration comes off a little stiff, like they're clearly reading from the teleprompter. Granted, they are not exactly actors... but I suppose if i were to close my eyes and envision the ultimate Beastie Boys documentary it would involve more long-form interviews intercut with all the photos and videos they showed on stage and maybe some slice-of-life stuff... maybe them revisiting their old studios and rented house with awkward conversations involving their current owners... some more intimate expression. But I don't know that they are like that. This might be the most we could ask of them without putting up a guard of humor or stand-off-ish-ness. So it's still very good and it's what we get and I'm happy with that.
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