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Title:   Hamilton
Director:   Thomas Kail
Year:   2020
Genre:   Filmed Play
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.02.20

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.02.20Internet Hmmm... do I make a joke about being the last person on Earth to see this or a joke about explaining this as if I was the first to see it. Neither would be any good I guess.

I finally saw it. Since I wasn't so hardcore as Jarrette to fly to NYC one weekend to get on standby to see this during the broadway run, I've been waiting for some version of this Disney Plus version to become available. I don't love musical theater, haven't been much, and kind of figured hearing the Weird Al polka version of the songs would pretty much cover the bases.

All that said, I liked this more than I thought I would. The arrangements and choreography were really well done and I appreciated the camerawork to give me a more intimate view of the performances. I did watch it in 30-minute increments which probably helped, but yeah I can definitely say that I liked it. And regardless of my personal feelings about it, I definitely recognize the phenomenal achievement that Lin-Manuel Miranda put together here.
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