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Title:   The Invisible Man
Director:   Leigh Whannell
Year:   2020
Genre:   Thriller
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.17.21

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07.17.21Internet I initially dismissed this as a whole movie's worth of the rape scene from the Verhoeven Invisible Man movie, kind of like Invisible Man meets Sleeping with the Enemy. But I saw a random scene from it on youtube (the restaurant scene) and figured it might be worth watching.

It's mostly not. There are a couple good scenes, the restaurant being one of them, but for the most part it's a mediocre thriller that has to throw out all logic and reason in order to justify the premise.

I guess maybe this is supposed to be some metaphor for victim blaming? and that's why it should get a pass for not making any sense... but it doesn't make any sense. here's a short list:

-can people in this world listen or smell? or is that part of this magic suit?

-Is this guy a trained ninja in addition to having his magic suit? Why does he not make any sound?

-so the guy goes from an abuser to a killer to like a mass killer shooting cops and orderlies willy nilly? But if his whole sceme is is predicated on no one thinking he's alive then he doesn't kill the one guard who saw him?

-and why is the dog hanging out in the empty house? Poor Zeus! Wtf!

So unfortunately these issues never let me get into the movie and enjoy the thriller aspect of it. It really should've just been Insidious 4 or whatever and actually been a ghost haunting her. This stupid evil Tony Stark guy is an idiot. I mean, how much cooler would it be if he was actually going around being a thief or villain using this crazy suit for, i dunno, an actual purpose? And she finds out about it so THAT's why he's coming after her. But I guess that would be a different (better) movie.
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