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Title:   The Many Saints of Newark
Director:   Alan Taylor
Year:   2021
Genre:   Gangster
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.01.21

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
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- Thor: The Dark World

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.01.21Internet The Sopranos prequel movie. There are spoilers in this!!!

This is a weird one. As a Sopranos fan who has semi-recently re-watched the series (and am currently listening to a podcast about it), it was nice to get that David Chase feel again... the tension where there shouldn't be any tension just because you don't know what will happen next, the super close attention to detail when it comes to period New Jersey and music choice, and these gang of affable murderers who we now get to see portrayed lovingly by a new generation of actors... even if some of them only have like one line. You also get to see younger versions of Artie, Jackie Aprile, and Carmela... see when Junior gets his cane, see a re-creation of a flashback from the show... all these things that a Sopranos fan appreciates. And I guess a point of the movie is to show the formative events which turn Tony Soprano toward where we meet him in the show's pilot, but that thing is thrown into a pot along with several other things to the point where the film doesn't have a very strong narrative. I suppose you could say this is Dickie's movie and so he drives the film, but there are a decent amount of scenes which have nothing to do with Dickie. Having Christopher narrate the movie starts off pretty awesome but then kind of becomes forgotten... I guess what I'm trying to say is that the film felt meandering.

BUT, I didn't mind it. Everything about the production is top-tier... the photography is excellent, costumes are perfect, production design etc. The film is super nice to look at. And like I said, it's almost enough just to be back in that world again, even if we're following someone we don't know do things that feel a little pre-ordained. Certainly I liked it far and away more than Chase's previous film, which I remember being meandering in a pretty boring way.

So... I liked it. I enjoyed myself while watching it. It feels like it's more than another episode of the show. But I don't think it has a ton to offer outside the context of the show.
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