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Title:   Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Director:   Sam Raimi
Year:   2022
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.27.22

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- Spider-Man 2
- Spider-Man 3

Notes History
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06.27.22Internet Sam Raimi back in comic book world, right after his Spider-Man trilogy is more or less paid tribute by that last Spidey movie. He uses a few things from his bag of tricks here which... I guess work alright? Super short lenses thrusting into actors' faces, some really obvious and frenetic camera movements, Danny Elfman... For about forty seconds this feels like a horror movie but mostly can't get enough out of Marvel-land to be anything but a CG-fest action movie. I feel like Logan is the only film to really transcend its characters to be a real drama for a bit. Labelling this as a horror movie feels pretty forced to me.

I suppose I liked it ok. Certainly there was lots of spectacle and it held my attention and I only rarely thought it got stupid (mostly around Scarlet Witch and the made-up hierarchy of characters' powers). The multiverse aspect was pretty fun and a nice way to throw a few cameos in without them really "counting." I continue to be surprised by how canon that What If... animated series was. I think we're above 30 now if you count the TV shows... Feige has really created a juggernaut... you need a long box just to hold the blu-rays now.

I mean, i think i liked it... but is it in the top 10? It's probably somewhere in the middle along with the first Dr. Strange and the Ant-Man movies.
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