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Title:   Demonoid
Director:   Alfredo Zacarías
Year:   1981
Genre:   Possession
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.02.22

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.02.22Internet This was another one talked about on the Video Archives podcast where everybody liked it a lot. It's another possessed-hand movie (of which there are a surprising number), but generally executed pretty well. I'd go so far as to say the hand acted better than any of the actors. I didn't like this one as much as the last Video Archives rec, but it's hard to be too mad at a 79-minute exploitation with a few good scenes, some effective editing, and a surprisingly brisk pace. I've definitely sat through a lot of movies with the same running time that felt twice as long, so it's nice that this had enough movie to be a movie, if that makes sense.

Just a quick plot synopsis because I doubt I'll remember this in a year or two. Spoilers ahead for sure!

There's some ancient cult or something in Guanajuato, mexico where the devil's hand is in service to... the devil, or something. So these monks or something cut off this woman's cursed hand (after ripping the front of her robes open) and lock the hand in a special hand-crypt. Everything's cool until some american miner guy discovers it and... in a drunken stupor opens it. It's just dust inside but the malevolent hand-spirit enters his body and he blows up the mine with a bunch of miners in it then takes off to vegas because the devil hand is great at throwing craps. Unfortunately, his winning streak attract the attention of a goon who takes him out to a shack in the desert to find out how he can win so much. At threatening the dude with harm to his hand, the guy flies into a rage, crushes this lady's face, and then kills the host guy by burning him alive. So he gets buried in LA but he's not really dead so he literally jumps out of his grave, still all burned up, until the hand finds a way to separate itself from the body, which it does. It transfers its hand-spirit into a cop who, when he encounters the wife of the miner guy and now it, like, wants to serve her or something? so the cop busts into a plastic surgery center and says "chop off my hand or i'll kill you!" So that happens, but then the hand crushes the cop's face and... there's this priest... and the hand enters the priest and the priest is like "I have to kill you lady so i can hold the power of the devil hand" but I guess he was tricking it or something? because they stab through his wrist to get it caught in a door then he burns his own hand to a stumpy crisp with a blowtorch. And all is well, until it randomly shows up at the end and kills the lady then the movie is over like no pause or anything just OVER.
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