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Title:   Thor: Love and Thunder
Director:   Taika Waititi
Year:   2022
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.17.22

Other Movies Seen By This Director (3)
- Hunt for the Wilderpeople
- Jojo Rabbit
- Thor: Ragnarok

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.17.22Internet Keeping up with the Marvel films... this one felt rushed. The story is pretty laid bare, meaning as I watched it was pretty clear to me what each scene was. Like ok here's the scene where they act and kiss, here's the scene where they show a lot of cameos, here's the scene where they set up the story, and here's the scene where they beat the bad guy. Not a lot of nuance or surprise there, which I think could be attributable to lack of time. I'm really not sure how Waititi's doing all this work these days so I'm going on a hunch that my problems with this film all stem from it being rushed, maybe a bit of an assumption that since Ragnarok was good this one will be as well.

But a few things bugged me. They involve spoilers, so... spoiler alert. I think I'm pretty much the last fan of these marvel movies to watch this so it may not matter, but still.

For one, it seems like this movie's "Big Deal" is that Natalie Portman returned. Just to kill her off? Seemed pretty odd to me. Reading the "trivia" section of imdb I guess there was a comic line that they took this from, and i guess what an actor wants is a meaty role with a good death scene and not to be on the hook for 7 more like Chris Hemsworth or whatever, but still.

And what's with the Guns n Roses? It's all over the place. Like a third of the soundtrack, posters everywhere, one kid wants to go by Axl. They even used Sweet Child twice? It's a lot.

But even though it's disappointing after Ragnarok, it's still waaaaay better than the first two Thor movies. I think leaning into Hemsworth's comedy is the right move and it was never boring or a slog or anything... just a little bare-bones and inconsequential... which is honestly true to comics as well. It's not like every month is some huge payoff... some times Spidey's just fighting Sandman again.
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