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Title:   Night Moves
Director:   Arthur Penn
Year:   1975
Genre:   Noir
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   01.06.24

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01.06.24Internet After The Holdovers trying so hard to be a 70s movie I figured I should watch a real one. This neo-noir has Gene Hackman as a PI going from 70s stuntman film sets to 70s south florida with a teenaged Melanie Griffith naked and a traditional you're-fucked ending.

It was pretty good. Very much in that Long Goodbye, Body Heat type vein. Hackman's performance is actually pretty passive; his character is supposed to be an old football player but i don't suuuuper buy him being tough even when he's roughing up a young James Woods. I think that's the point though? Like, this is a soft-boiled PI who everyone says he loves following clues but doesn't really feel or do anything with where they lead. He doesn't really rage when he should rage, doesn't really care when he should care. It's not until a plot event does he finally start to engage, which of course leads him to a series of betrayals and murders.

I liked it pretty good. Still processing where it will fit in relation to other mysteries or other 70s movies but it definitely wasn't bad. Definitely kept me watching.

Oh, at one point there's a line of dialogue that struck me. There's a kind of lecherous character at one point that talks to Hackman, then after he leaves another character says "he'd fuck a wood pile on the chance there was a snake in it." What does that mean? does he want to fuck a snake? Fucking a wood pile does not sound fun, with or without a snake present. that and Hackman yelling "Erect nipples!"
01.26.07Netflix Gene Hackman plays private investigator Harry Moseby, which is a great private investigator movie. This movie is pretty cool because it manages to be both referential of the genre and also work as its own movie in an irony-free way. It's kinda similar to The Long Goodbye in that homage/subvert way, except this one doesn't go so far with the subversion. Instead, it's just a really solid noir-esque 70s crime movie. Hackman's great in it as well... Good movie all around.