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Title:   Men
Director:   Alex Garland
Year:   2022
Genre:   Trapped in Crazytown
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.06.24

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- Civil War
- Ex Machina

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07.06.24Internet Rounding out the Alex Garland Ouevre. I can understand why I didn't hear much about this one. Just like Jordan Peele's Us, this is a misfire. While I had some issues with the story in Civil War, I did enjoy the setting and worldbuilding. This one, ostensibly a horror movie where a lady rents a house in the country and finds something odd about the local townsfolk, felt like Garland had a fragment or two and tried to stretch it into a movie by ripping off Ben Wheatley. The final sequence is probably my only takeaway from the movie and it's one i hesitate to mention because having it spoiled ruins the entire movie, but for my own memory's sake I'll describe it below.


So all the men in the town are played by one actor, even a teenager via not-great CGI face-replacement. But in the end they all... give birth to one another in a chain, starting with this "green man" figure who has a vagina but ending up with fully-grown actor coming out of an orifice in the back of the neck or other random places. It's laden with CGI so you never, like, "believe it" believe it but maybe on the page it sounded cool. But then the final offspring of this cycle is the dude from the beginning of the movie, making this less a supernatural horror film and more a... allegory for overcoming guilt? i dunno.

Overall, a pretty thin movie.