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Title:   BMX Bandits
Director:   Brian Trenchard-Smith
Year:   1983
Genre:   Child Empowerment
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.11.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.11.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
...I'm waiting in line to see Sunday's programming: Australian Night. I know pretty much nothing about the films being shown tonight so I have a pretty blank slate as far as expectations are concerned. I DO notice a haggard quality to those of us who like to get there early and wait in line though... clearly the marathon has taken its toll. Still though, getting there super early gives you a spot on the stairs where you can sit instead of stand and also lets you feel the AC instead of the wet humidity of the day outside. I also like watching the Alamo staff wander in one-by-one in their street clothes. This place is so cool.

The first film of the day, which QT explains would've been the kiddy-feature if he'd pre-planned enough to give AFS enough time to advertise, is BMX Bandits, which he describes as a Goonies-equivalent for those that grew up in Sydney (he doesn't like Goonies either... Quentin, we hardly knew ye). It stars a super young Nicole Kidman (QT: after The Others this is actually my favorite performance of hers. she's quite charming) along with other Aussies who deliver the ironic and quick-witted dialogue with those cool accents. They are all BMX-ers who sort of steal a bunch of super-walkie-talkies that can magically listen in on the police band and a couple bumbling bank robbers chase after them for about an hour too long.

I will say this though... the movie had strong resemblances for me to Gleaming the Cube (not so much Rad since I only saw that once and spent the entire movie disappointed that Peter Billingsly wasn't in it because i was in the video store and i saw him riding a motorcycle or something and asked the guy what movie that was playing and he said Rad so I rented it and it turned out that the tape had a trailer for The Dirt Bike Kid before it and that's what I saw in the store)... replacing cheesy late-80s skateboard stuff with early-80s BMX stuff. So i really can't rip on this too much because I liked Gleaming the Cube a lot when i was younger and watched it like 5 times.

The few things on note on this movie: There's an actor in here named Angelo D'Angleo. That's so cool. Also, Nicole Kidman's BMX double was a clearly-masculine dude with like... facial hair. It was about as obvious as Banderas' double in Mark of Zorro.