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Title:   Four Desperate Men
Director:   Harry Watt
Year:   1959
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.11.05

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09.11.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
So after BMX Bandits ended, we finally got to watch a "real" movie. Real, meaning awesome.

It's a 1959 movie set in Australia (duh) starring Aldo Ray as a guy that springs out of jail to clear his name, as strange as that sounds. Aldo Ray, who QT went on quite a bit about, is awesome in this movie. QT mentioned he sees a lot of him in Bruce Willis, and went so far as to show Willis a few Ray films in preparing for Pulp Fiction, but I personally see Ray more as equal parts Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis with just a dash of Harvey Keitel. That is some masculine fuckin witches brue though, man. It's great, when the movie starts off Aldo is in this cool form-fitting heavy shirt, but as the movie progresses he skimps down to a wife-beater and finally totally bare-chested showing off his near-wife-beater pattern of body hair and solid The Thing-like physique.

Oh yeah, the story. So after getting his brother to help him and these two other guys break out of prison so Aldo Ray can win over the public that he's innocent and get a retrial, their boat breaks or something and they have to dock on this little fort in the middle of Sydney Bay called Pinchgut. It's like a little fortress with old-style cannons there and also this really big gun. Anyway, things get mucked up and it becomes like a stand-off where snipers try to tag them from bridges and stuff but Ray holds the town hostage with this huge gun because there's a ship filled with explosives in the bay. In one of several scenes which clearly define this movie as great, several military men talk about the situation and what would happen if the ship exploded. Now, they're talking around this table where there's not just a map or a rudimentary mock-up of the city with staplers and erasers but a fully-realized scale diorama of the city and the bay down to the smallest detail. Even the ocean is painted with different hues to show waves and swells. Overhearing QT talking to Harry Knowles after the movie, this model is like straight out of Godzilla. So the one police guy asks the other one what it would mean if the ship exploded and this other guy just takes his hand and in a grand arc, swipes the town apart into a eave of destruction. It's something I've always wanted to do in every museum I've ever been to that has those cool diorama set ups filled with detail. Just take your paw mit of a hand and destroy, destroy, destroy!

oh man was that a great moment.
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