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Title:   Crash
Director:   Paul Haggis
Year:   2004
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.14.05

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09.14.05Netflix Even though i'm still in the thick of QT6, these netflix movies just sitting here is driving me crazy. they need to be watched and returned so i can get more.

It's actually kind of coincidental because this is another character tapestry movie silimar to From Hell To Victory (minus WWII of course). the interesting thing about this movie is that really none of the characters are very likable. I suppose that's the point of the film, that we're all flawed no matter how much we think we may not be, but from a nuts & bolts standpoint, not having any clearly sympathetic characters is a pretty big risk that I have to respect, even moreso since the movie is still just as interesting and engaging. it may still be a bit overrated but nonetheless it's a solid movie and it doesn't really get bogged down and preachy with the race stuff like i thought it would even though that is what the movie is entirely about.
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