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Title:   Death Rage
Director:   Antonio Margheriti
Year:   1976
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.14.05

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- Cannibal Apocalypse

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.14.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
A night of Italian crime films of the 70s just HAS to be QT6.

I'm keeping tabs on three sites running write-ups of this event and i swear all three of them have commented on how evil and forboding Nicky Katt is. He just sits there glaring at people. I bet under his breath he's saying "i've gotta knife... i'll cut you" over and over again.

Actually he's probably a very nice dude who just doesn't want to be hassled. I bet if someone said they were a fan he'd say back "thank" and then "I've got a knife, I'll cut you."

anyway, the first movie of the night was Death Rage, apparently a reference to this really odd visual "problem" that Yul Brenner has in the film, where he keeps seeing his brother get shot or something. That's basically the long and short of the entire movie. His name is Inigo Montoya, they killed his brother, now prepare to die.

Highlights definitely include the score. There was really awesome 70s funk scores to all three movies tonight and man is that stuff good. it all reminded me of how great the score in Hustle and Flow is, and how movie scores are rarely that quality anymore. After this festival, i think my idea of what kind of film i'd make if i was given that dream shot has drastically changed... it would now definitely have a fun score.

Another highlight was FINALLY getting to see what all the fuss was about regarding Barbara Bouchet. Like I've been telling everyone lately, i thought i had seen a lot of movies until i got to this town. Now I know that I haven't seen anything, man. There are entire worlds that I haven't even broken the surface of, and the wonderous sensuality of Barbara Bouchet is one of them. Indeed she is unratably gorgeous and was not afraid to bare it all so that makes her cool in my book. Plus acting like Yul Brenner is a human and not the robot cowboy from Westworld must have been tough, so double kudos to her.

Speaking of Yul, it's true he is a badass hitman in this movie... but for this being a hitman revenge movie, there are surprisingly few hits or revenges going on. As always, Yul strikes me as much too stiff and cold. I mean he's still badass in this movie, but a stiff cold kind of badass that somehow has to fall in love. In this angle, Yul kind of loses me.

Other than that, there's a young pipsqueek of a sidekick that wants to constantly help out by shooting horses with a BB gun or something. He looked a lot like an Italian version of Michael J. Fox, and the movie ends on a pretty solid note with him being "hired." ALl in all, this was a fun film but not nearly my favorite of the night.
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