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Title:   Teenage Hitchhikers
Director:   Gerri Sedley
Year:   1975
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.15.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.15.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
QT: This movie actually has teenage hitchhikers in it. That's rare, don't get used to that shit.

Quentin talked about this American flick being a good example of the kind of stuff they'd make for drive-ins in the early 70s, most usually as part of a triple feature with something like: Teenage Delinquents, Teenage Hitchhikers, and Teenage Prostitutes or whatever. Most of the time, the movies would actually have nothing to do with the title, they're just fit to the mold in order to get randy couples in the gates. QT mentioned being a kid and driving past the drive-ins and getting just the slightest glimpse of one of the scenes on the screen and being like, jazzed about it. It's a memory that's clearly fond and I have similar ones except mine all revolve around being able to climb into the back seat and see the other, better, movie playing while i waited for the second movie of the double feature (They'd always play some really super crappy movie first that I'd have to wait through just to get to the good stuff like Friday the 13th part 7 or whatever. Of course then my parents would fall asleep or maybe start staring at the other screen while i dug on the tinny screaming coming in through the audiobox. anyway...).

So this movie, being American, has way more violence in it than the other one. THe girls are also not nearly as cute, but at least they are hitchhikers. For some reason, the supporting cast of this movie is incredibly bizarre. There's a lingerie salesman who starts a scene incredibly hetero and ends it in complete drag coming on to a cop, there's the cop with the effeminite southern drawl is sort of threatening but not really, then in the best role and really the only reason that made this movie worth watching, this rapist who becomes incredibly hurt by one of the hitchhiker's accusations of small genitalia and poor sexual prowess.

This movie is one of those that you see the running time is 74 minutes and know that even so, it's gonna seem like three hours. There were a few good lines though (mostly toward the beginning) including "hey! we laid our music on you, that's worth something!", "if you want bread, go fuck a baker", and "I was afraid I'd catch something."

There's also a scene in here where they just talk. it begins with no sex and it ends with no sex. what the hell is a scene like that doing in a movie like this!? There must've been lost footage or something. All that dialogue in a row couldn't have been intentional.

So where Hay Country Swingers was at least enjoyable and completely saved by the last five minutes, Teenage Hitchhikers is slow enough to veer into "painful" territory. I was pretty glad when it ended.
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