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Title:   Hot Sumemr in the City
Director:   The Hare
Year:   1976
Genre:   Porn
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.15.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.15.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
For the midnight movie to end Sexploitation Night, QT picked something very special. Beforehand, Tim league finally took stage for an intro, and did a remarkably well-spoken explanation of how, since the AFS was putting on this event instead of the Alamo Drafthouse, the thin line between filth and art was teetering into the "art" category tonight. By use of a hand gesture demarcating the level of "art" that we've been at tonight so far (mostly boobies, a bit of fur), he raised his hand much higher and talked about the trailers we were about to see corresponding with the film we were about to see. Then he made all of us who might be bloggers or internet journalists (Tim: this means you redhead boy (everyone laughs at harry knowles)) to promise not to say the Alamo showed filth. I remember from a few other trips to see somewhat risque features that some law or regulation forbids the Alamo from showing hardcore porn, so that, along with common decency, dictates that I not explain too much about this movie that i just saw.

I mean, not that anyone reads this... but if there was a mistake someday and someone actually did, i definitely don't want to get Tim and the Alamo in trouble... and they wouldn't... because they didn't do anything wrong... or show any filth... no filth at all.

I will say that I am probably a changed man because of it.

I will also say that the trailers were very graphic in their non-filthiness and made us all do that laugh/groan/clap thing more than once. There was lots of slow-motion non-filth, some really vivid underwater non-filth, and I particularly got a kick out of the trailer for Behind the Green Door drawing a reference/comparison to Visconti's The Damned. I guess blue cinema really was more highbrow back then.

In his intro, QT talked about how he really didn't like porn at all. He got a job at the Pussycat theater when he was 16 and was an usher there for some time not to mention his years at a video store putting him in constant contact with the stuff, but before Teenage Hitchhikers, when he was explaining what the difference between porn and sexploutation was for him (the girls have charm, not track marks and bullet holes), called porn anti-film. He said he was such a non-fan that he couldn't even remember the few he ever saw which he didn't think were bad, which is really saying something because over the course of the week we've heard him remember the name of pretty much every movie that's ever existed and become obscure. BUT, he says, the box art of Hot Summer in the City finally won him over one night and the movie quickly became his by-far favorite porn (not filth!!! it had a story, thus proved social import). Again, what was shown tonight was art, not filth, so I'm not gonne even describe the box art or the movie in any way except to say that the plot involved a gang of black dudes two days before a huge racial riot is started by "The Man" (whom we actually see) and an unfortunate teenaged white woman.

Anyway, one thing QT mentioned is that one of the guys has sort of a large head and droopy eyelids... and as the movie plays you start to think to yourself "is this guy retarded?" I mean his character is definitely retarded. They call him slow and do mean things to him and he ends up having to take care of himself in the corner and all, but what you start wondering about is the actor himself... because he plays retarded REALLY damn well... much better than all these other dudes play their characters... and the retard character's name is also the actor's first name... so it really becomes apparent as you watch that what's onscreen is really pretty wrong in ways that even the most DPDA/bukkake/donkey show stuff of today doesn't even do.

so yeah, it was a special moment between all of us in the theater. I'm sure we'll all remember it for some time.
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