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Title:   Crack House
Director:   Michael Fischa
Year:   1989
Genre:   Exploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.16.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.16.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
Tonight's Grindhouse Triple Feature marked the end of new programming for QT6, unless any of the rumors/wishes about there being more than previously played films in the Encore night come true. That said, tonight sort of represented those forgotten genres that drew the short straws this year and didn't get a whole night of their own. First up is a semi-blaxploitation flick called Crack House.

Before that though, the pre-show had this trailer with the line "He used a camera like most men use a woman." What does that even mean??? I don't know, but it's really cool.

Crack House: Even though this movie was released in 89, anyone that played GTA: San Andreas has basically seen this movie. There's stereotypically funny chicano gangs, OGs for life, sleazy characters, and a crack den that eventually gets busted up.

What's interesting about this movie is that it actually has sex slaves in it. I'm sure this isn't the first movie to have em, i mean the midnight feature last night was all about one, but I found it pretty entertaining to see the rather quick transformation from prosperous student to rockhead sex slave up close and personally. The actress actually pulls of the whole shakes & shivers act pretty well... but by the end of the movie she's only dressed in lingerie and cannot leave the house. awesome.

Other than that, Jim Brown plays a really... really sleazy guy in this with class act lines like "get this bitch a speedball" and "is this your bitch? Used to be." If this isn't somewhere on his reel, he needs to check himself for real.

Continuing in the tradition of TP in Madman, another pattern (along with retard handimen and animated penises) emerges with one of the slimeball characters here being named BT (stands for Big Time, by the way... because he's so... big time?).

I think the funniest character in the film has to be the highschool principle though, who ends up being one cold-hearted ruthless killer/drug supplier/pedophile... Richard Roundtree, who plays a cop, has a great line after he shoots the primciple down at the end of the film: "We need to start paying these teachers more money." There you go folks, a moral message. Now would somebody please get this bitch a speedball?

Oh yeah, one of the black gang members (the one who keps saying crazy awesome stuff like "OG for life!" and "OGs don't die, they multiply" had this awesome 80s shirt on that said "OG Jammer" and after the movie Tim made up a replica of the shirt... so cool. Not cool enough to buy one of course, but still...
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