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Title:   The Dirty Outlaws
Director:   Franco Rossetti
Year:   1967
Genre:   Spaghetti Western
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.16.05

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09.16.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
Next on the list was a spaghetti western named The Dirty Outlaws although QT thought the original title must be Desperado due to the really kickass theme son (which he then began to sing the chorus very loudly and just a second or two too long. the guy has real comedy chops, I'm telling you). Louis Black from the Austin Chronicle also gave him a poster of this film, which QT said he didn't have, and mentioned that Black himself got the poster from Jay Knowles (Harry's dad) a long time ago, getting it in trade for some comic books. Heh.

QT also mentioned that this movie had his maybe favorite actress of all time in it: the girl who does the voice dubs of one of the female characters. He said that she's basically been in every movie you've ever seen, and she's so great but he doesn't know her name. I thought this was a really interesting facet to Tarantino's tastes... that his favorite actress is really just a voice... very cool.

The movie was OK. Some of the brawl photography was really great but a few sequences went on pretty long, and the main character, who basically starts off the movie as a horse thief and stumbles into this plan to steal a stash of gold from a blind dude, all of a sudden has a severe curse of the Morals when he takes down the people that beat him up and killed the blind dude that he was conning anyway. This makes the takedown scenes even longer as he continually has to give bad guys weapons, make sure they know who's killing them, let them run a bit before mowing them down, etc. After the badassosity of Yul Brenner and Alain Delon, this guy was borderline pansy by comparison. They left you for dead in a huge mudpatch! the least you can do is gut-shoot them then dig your muddy heal in the wound while they squirm there... Why play games?

The theme song is excellent though, really catchy and it's still in my head. DESPERADOOOOOO!
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