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Title:   They Came Back
Director:   Robin Campillo
Year:   2004
Genre:   Zombie
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.19.05

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09.19.05Netflix I much prefer the French title "Les Revenants." This movie takes a pretty unique point of view on the whole zombie genre. Here, all these dead people just come back to life. no gore, no hunger for brains or anything like that; they're just back. So the movie deals with how we'd handle such a huge influx of people whom we've written off as dead. The zombies are still portrayed as mostly-silent and pretty slow, but they talk and do their old jobs and one woman even has luvins with her dead man. The movie's tone and pacing is very quiet and slow, laconic even... The dead people seem to have some sort of unspoken agenda so the movie strings us along making us wonder what it is. The effect is pretty interesting though, because I ended up watching the whole movie just waiting for them all to stop beingconcussed and start eating flesh. My only beef is with the ending, where I think they cheaped out a bit and also left things too vague. However, there's some great use of thermal film and the whole film achieves this eerie creepiness to it with all these old people just standing around or walking slowly. There's also a few scenes of scientific research into the returned dead which i liked a lot. overall a very interesting, if unexpected, film.
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