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Title:   The Bees
Director:   Alfredo Zacarias
Year:   1978
Genre:   Exploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.21.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.21.05Weird Wednesday My inaugural Weird Wednesday: a free midnight exploitation movie shown every wednesday by Lars, although I spotted a few other Alamo luminaries there as well as a surprisingly large turn out of freaks, losers, degenerates, and perverts. This is clearly a strong following. While waiting in line, one guy brought up Johnny Firecloud, citing the now-infamous "tangle assholes" line, and I swear he was not at QT6 Encore Night... he was just talking about it from the last time they showed it for Weird Wednesday. Hardcore.

Anyway, John Saxon is the star of this movie about killer bees who, by the end, evolve and become intelligent and communicate a warning to mankind that they will either co-exist as equals from now on or they will sting our asses to extinction. Yeah, pretty wild. This has to be the bottom of the particular Killer Bee movie barrel. I really thought that I saw this when i was a kid but it didn't have the one scene i remember so i must've seen another from that killer bee movie craze that went on in the late 70s. it's funny though because, like both Lars and QT said, John Saxon is great no matter how crappy the movie he's in is. When he starts talking to the bees and telling them that they will continue trying to decipher their buzzing, you almost believe it. almost, but even almost is pretty damn good. There were a few other choice lines here and there, along with an ancient John Carradine complete with swollen, twisted arthritic hands, but this is definitely a movie i'm pretty sure i wouldn't enjoy if i saw alone. Still though, showing up at the Alamo downtown after three nights away was eerily close to a feeling of coming home... I think I'm making this a weekly habit for as long as it's possible. If i learned one thing at QT6, it's that I am a complete novice in the world of exploitation film and something needs to be done about that.
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