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Title:   Corpse Bride
Director:   Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
Year:   2005
Genre:   Animated
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.22.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.22.05Alamo South Lamar A special AICN free screening with austinite director Mike Johnson in the house. They also gave us all a mini-poster, a keychain, a pen, and a coaster. Three people also won signed Todd McFarlane toys... needless to say I was so happy with all this other useless crap that i will keep around for like a month before feeling ok enough to throw it out that I didn't give it my all to get a toy i couldn't open as well.

So... I only saw Nightmare Before Christmas once... I remember it being not as cool as I wanted it to be but that's about it. This one still has that Burton design and all the Burton staple actors but only four songs this time (including one I actually liked) and is much more of a straight story. It's also super short. I didn't time it to the exact minute or anything because they played a few classic Burton trailers before-hand and all that stuff but I wouldn't be surprised if the running time (minus end credits) was under 80 minutes.

Um... otherwise, it looked cool and the Q&A with Mike Johnson afterward was sort of interesting (the last question he got was someone that was at his bah mitzvah saying that everyone from the neighborhood was so proud of him. awwww) but the three primest rows in the theater were all reserved for Harry and his goons and like, everyone else in the world but me... so I ended up having to sit way back. It wasn't too bad but three whole rows reserved is just crazy.

so yeah... i mean it was ok i guess. nothing really wrong with it. Just no surprises either.
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