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Title:   Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior
Director:   Prachya Pinkaew
Year:   2003
Genre:   Kung-Fu
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.27.05

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09.27.05Netflix So I've never been like a super-obsessive with Kung Fu movies... I'm not against them or anything but I've only seen a few and there are tons of people out there who have seen many, many more than me... so I didn't catch this in the theater and am now just getting around to renting it on DVD. The stuff i've heard about it is all true: Tony Jaa is one major badass.

He's so unbelievably badass that they have to show his moves like three times in a row just so you can fully comprehend how badass it is... and the thing is, you WANT to see it three times in a row because he IS that badass.

No wires, No CG, just Tony Jaa kicking ass, taking names, then kicking the names' asses over and over and over. This guy is so badass that, at the beginning of the film when they clearly don't want to show all the fancy moves too soon, he just pushes people over. and they fall. just shoves em right the hell over. so awesome.

the actual movie though... well it's ok, but the music is terribly generic and fits the scene maybe once or twice but is otherwise really boring or inappropriate.

and the subtitling on the DVD is full-on close-captioning... since I'm not deaf i find it distracting to read [laughing] or [hip hop music] over and over again... and it seems to me that [speaking Thai] and [unintelligible] are just not an option when it's english subtitling to a Thai movie... i sort of know they're speaking thai, I don't need to read it over and over. what i want to know is what they're saying. i don't have the subtitles on just because they're fun.

if you've ever liked martial arts movies, you are hereby bound to see this if you haven't already. It's all about elbows and knees and jumping over cars.
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