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Title:   Feast
Director:   John Gulager
Year:   2005
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.06.05

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- Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.06.05Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2005
For a midnight show, they had Feast, the third Project Greenlight movie. As soon as I came out of the theater from Wolf Creek, I saw producer/Project Greenlight star Chris Moore standing next to a big Feast poster. I went up to him and brought up the remake of Race with the Devil, which he's directing and AICN writer "Moriarty" is writing. Moore is just as personable, sharp, and witty talking to lowly fans like me than he is in the show. I actually really hope his movie flies and does well. The original is really fun and, while I'm generally against remakes, since i got to talk to Chris Moore about it in person and he was nice to me and thanked me for wanting to see Feast I now want it to do well.

Actually pretty much all of the Project Greenlight guys were there: Gulager, the two writers, the editor, the non-tall producer guy... the tall producer wasn't there I don't think, and the casting director of course... It was weird to see them all just standing there and not intercut with them talking into a camera doing an interview.

Again, Harry intro'd the movie, recommending that we all order a bucket of beer because the whole movie takes place in a bar and if we don't order now we will certainly want some later. He also said that this cut would be VERY early and no way is this movie coming out this year. Again, it's funny because the movie seemed pretty damn done to me. Maybe there's a few minor pacing tweaks to make and stuff like that, but the movie played with all the effects and music and everything.

The movie is what it is. Some of the AICN guys didn't like it at all, but I personally got a kick out of it. Granted I have seen three good movies in a row today and was in a place so open and ready to like a rowdy gorefest midnight movie that I probably could've been happy with Madman Marz again, but you know... not every movie has to be the best movie ever made. Some movies are OK just being stupid fun movies.

The film did get a lot of audience response though, I think everyone involved with it was happy that we seemed to like it that much. The clips shown on Greenlight illustrate what kind of movie it is pretty well. It's quick, it's sloppy, it's filled with quick shots and fast jerky movement to hide the fact that it's really just one set and a guy in a suit grabbing at the actors and drenching them in blood, but I think it accomplishes what it sets out to do: it entertained me for an hour and a half, had some good gore, some hot chicks, and some smart-ass lines. I think maybe my favorite moment comes when one of the hot girls (i guess there are three but I don't think Krista Allen or Navi Rawat can act their way out of paper bags) is trying to clean up the absolute you-can't-do-that-on-television full-body coating of blood... so she's in her aquamarine bra rubbing down her red-stained cleavage and it cuts to Balthazar Getty and his movie-brother just staring at her. It's a nice little beat that draws out on her cleaning herself up long enough to satisfy all those urges. What's funny is she catches them looking, makes some comment, then goes behind clear-plastic flappers and gets down to her panties as well.

Anyway, where was I... Yeah, the show was completely right. Navi Rawat fell completely flat with her part... that casting director was a bitch.

Afterward with the Q&A, Gulager... who was just as candid and open as he was on the show. Perhaps the funniest thing he said was when someone said that it was nice to see Krista Allen in a starring role even though she's still playing a slut. Gulager said something like how a lot of actors play roles well because that's how they are in real life. Everyone starts laughing, Chris Moore covers his face with his hand, the non-tall producer turns away to hide his laugh, the non-skinny writer just laughs out loud. Gulager tries to qualify, saying how some of the classic actors really just play themselves over and over again (definitely a valid point), but then he brings it back by saying "so Krista's probably a slut, I don't know." To call your star a slut twice in one answer... that's pretty much awesome in my book.

Randomosities from my notebook:

-The movie is one of those movies where the first 5 minutes are like a machine gun with action and exposition and music and characters and then it slows down for the next hour and a half or so.

-probably the best gore scene involved a monster getting his cock caught in a door. They then chop it off and it flops around under the handicapped kid's wheelchair until someone steps on it and it explodes with cottage cheese white stuff and blood.
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