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Title:   P
Director:   Paul Spurrier
Year:   2005
Genre:   Possession
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.08.05

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10.08.05Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2005
Why they named it P instead of Ghost I don't know. Although... I guess the choice between a constant urine comparison and a Demi Moore reference is a tough one to make.

It was up in the air for me tonight as far as the midnight show went. Originally I had planned to see Shinya Tsukamoto's Marebito, but after hearing aggressively bad things about it coupled with the knowledge that it was shot in 10 days and not really feeling like sitting through another slow Japanese horror story, I went for P, a Thai film about a black magic-using teenage prostitute.

There is a ten-minute stretch of this movie that is just awesome. It's after all the girl's childhood stuff where she's called a witch and a freak, after the stuff about how she's pretty much tricked into moving to Bangkok to become a stripper/whore to make enough money for her sick mom to eat rice, and past the stuff where she uses white magic to make her appear more attractive and become the star of the club in which she works. Of course, if you're thinking of visiting Bangkok's gentlemen's establishments and looking for extended "research" footage, then this movie may be for you. The dancing sequences in this movie, like pretty much everything else, go on forever.

Anyway, the awesome segment of the movie that I'm talking about is after she starts using black magic to get back at the bitch in the club and this other guy who "initiated" her into the world of prostitution then moved on, when she breaks the Gremlins-esque rules of what never to do in fear of having your black magic reversed onto you. She rolls under a clothesline, she accepts payment for teaching someone magic, and worst of all she eats raw meat... after midnight. Very quickly, the main girl transforms into a full on vampire evil spirit, complete with the teeth and the extreme hunger for blood. She goes on nightly rampages for a while and the movie is really great. for about ten minutes.

After that, it turns into a possession film with all the tedious accoutrements typical to the genre. There's the priest/medicine doctor or whatever who will try to purge the demon from the girl, the caring best friend who tries to defend herself against the evil spirit's guiles but proves no match for the old "I'm all better now, thanks... now let me out!" line, and the ultimate sacrifice to rid the world of the abomination. All during this, you are silently praying for the movie to end.

It just doesn't though. Like the evil spirit, this film refuses to die. You know everything that's gonna happen, the best scenes (snake vs. pissing cock (snake wins), machete-wielding dude about to slip on an ice cube vs. pretty stripper's face with mouth full of cucumber (he misses the cucumber), extremely out of place CSI shot of internal organs... erupting or something) and all that's left is the cinematic equivalent of filling out paperwork. Yet still it goes on... and on and on.

When it finally does end, it has to come back with the longest end title sequence ever. The funny part is it's all overlapping more slow-motion shots of the main girl stripping/dancing in a g-string all sprinkled with glitter. All of us were out of our seats on the way to the door yet planted in place, unable to pass this footage up. Meanwhile, like two credits would show up every 30 seconds or so... By the end I was trying to remember the good times... that 10 minutes oh so long ago when the movie was good and I was having fun and not sitting there being bored. Ahh vampire scenes, how I missed thee. Good times...

Random Notes:
-"I killed him before he paid me"
-The girl has a pair of pants which say "pretty" right next to the crotch.
-One of the stripper character's names is "New." I found that... incredibly funny.
-"The power's back on. Now I can watch the sexy TV Karaoke ladies"
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