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Title:   In Her Shoes
Director:   Curtis Hanson
Year:   2005
Genre:   Female Cinema
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   01.19.07

Other Movies Seen By This Director (4)
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- Lucky You
- Too Big to Fail
- Wonder Boys

Notes History
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01.19.07DVR you know, as time went on after I saw this movie, I'd think back to the story and what it's about and maybe try to explain it to people and it always comes out as the most cliched saccharine sweet formulaic laughable chick flick of all time. I mean... Cameron Diaz dyslexic, learning to read from an old blind guy... Toni Collette giving up her lawyer job to walk dogs... it ends with a wedding... blah blah blah, right? yeah... I don't know. It's really good. It's really really good. I think it must be the acting or something...
10.11.05Cinemark Pflugerville Either it was James Ellroy or the devil himself but something happened to Curtis Hanson while making L.A. Confidential and all of a sudden he started making really great movies that I never think I will like beforehand.

This is no different. This has everything going against it as far as my interest is concerned. It's about sisters and old people... Not only am I a dude but I'm also an only child so I didn't think I would connect with this AT ALL but saw it anyone on pure Hanson-faith. I'm really glad I went.

This movie made me cry. I freely admit it.

This movie also has hands down Cameron Diaz's best performance to date. It's funny that she finally gives it in a role that, at least in the beginning, centers exclusively around her beauty. I'm not sure she's looked better in a movie than this either, except maybe The Mask and select scenes in Charlie's Angels when she's wet. Hanson constantly has her walking around in her panties, wearing low cut jeans and skimpy tops, looking absolutely gorgeous and sexy with cleave everywhere (i know! Diaz has cleavage in this movie! Hanson should win an award just for that), and really playing/utilizing her looks to the nth degree. Meanwhile, Toni Collette, who can look either hot or ugly because she's such a good actress, plays her frumpy lawyer sister. Throw in Shirley MacLaine playing a wise grandmother and you've got what could be a real chick flick but totally isn't. I mean, I'm sure women love this movie too, probably more than men will... but I don't think it's joys are exclusive to women like say... Practical Magic.

The scenes with Diaz and MacLaine impressed me the most because every time I saw Shirley size Diaz up with one smart look, I saw her in Some Came Running, in Irma La Douce, in The Apartment. She WAS Cameron Diaz's character, both on screen and in real life. She's lived it, and brings every speck of wisdom learned through the years to her part. I'm slobbering all over this movie I know but it was just such a pleasant surprise. It made me cry!
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