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Title:   Werewolves on Wheels
Director:   Michel Levesque
Year:   1971
Genre:   Biker
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.12.05

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- Sweet Sugar

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
10.12.05Weird Wednesday When i came out of the theater after Grizzly Man, the lobby was jam packed with people waiting to see the Something Weird Wednesday midnight feature. I quickly just planted myself right at the head of the line and started talking to a guy I'd met the previous weekend. Granted I've only been or tried to go to a few weird wednesdays so far but this was just insande. not only did the theater fill every seat (including the fold-out chairs they break out and place to the sides of the theater when it sells out) but there was also a line out the door of people who got there too late. I mean the title is cool but is it that cool? the only other reason that came to mind is that it's Lars' birthday. He gets up and says the only drugs he does is a little bit of pot and if you given pot, make sure it's good pot. Then he intros the movie.

(paraphrasing) "You probably read about this and thought 'this is gonna be some shitty movie that won't even live up to the title' but you are wrong, this movie kicks so much ass. When I first took over doing this series this was one of the movies that i just HAD to show. We never could find a 35mm print so this is 16 but out projector's really good so you might not even notice the difference. The director of this movie, Michel Levesque, who knows if it's inexperience with dealing with real bikers or stunt men or what but they totally take over this movie. It's so clear that there are stunts just thrown in because the stunt guys wanted to do them and they're clearly all improvising dialogue and the plot just leaves the movie at one point until they're all out in the desert just yelling "Movie! Movie!!!" into the sky, then the plot picks back up."

It's really all true. Everything Lars said. In addition to that, there's some satan worshippers, some awesome dialogue that I've already forgotten, and an actual werewolf motorcycle race that got a ton of cheers. It's one of those special midnight showings that would suck if you saw it at home alone.
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