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Title:   Cabin Boy
Director:   Adam Resnick
Year:   1994
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.29.05

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10.29.05Alamo Downtown For the other "after hours" Texas Book Festival event, they brought Chris Elliot and Alan Zweibel out for a signing, Q&A, and screening of Cabin Boy. The guy who ran the Q&A, Lowell Bartholomee, seemed to take a page from last night's Q&A and got his introductory stuff out of the way as soon as possible, letting the guests speak as long as they wanted to and fielding plenty of questions from the audience. Chris talked at length about his days at SNL, Get A Life, Cabin Boy, skits he did at Late Night, writing his book, and even signed this girl's monkey. Alan Zweibel had tons of stories about writing in the early days of SNL (many of them also appear in that History of SNL book), creating It's The Garry Shandling Show with Shandling, working with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and writing as well. After listing off Zweibel's accomplishments, the guy sitting next to me said "wow, I should've bought his book too!"

There were many laughs for the Q&A and they both seemed very funny andquick on their feet. Neither of them stayed for the show but really, who could blame them. Elliot told the history of the film right before it started, basically saying Tim Burton was going to direct it at first (which is where all the mythical creatures and surrealism came in) but then decided to just produced it which brought the budget down from 40 million to like 7 million. The problem though was that they never changed the script to reflect the budget change, which is why we are left with the movie as it is.

I haven't seen this movie in a long time. i rented it when it came out and remember thinking that Andy Richter had the funniest part when he showed how a harem girl dances. Watching it again though, not only am I surprised by some of the actors in here (Russ Tamblyn as a half man/half shark, Melora Walters in a red swimsuit looking hot as well as a bit part by none other than Alfred Molina), but I was also surprised at hownot a complete mess it is. Sure, it's all in a water tank and the miniature shots are so obvious that having the giant play around with them like G.I. Joes somehow comes as no surprise, but Elliot's foppish Fancy Lad is pretty hilarious and the salty sailors are like a rogue's gallery of cool character actors from the 90s. I mean I'm not totally in love with this movie or anything, but I had a good time in the theater and didn't check my watch once.

So rack up another awesome Alamo event. Jealous??
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