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Title:   Slaughter Hotel
Director:   Fernando Di Leo
Year:   1971
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.03.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.03.05Weird Wednesday Woo another weird Wednesday, this time from QTfest favorite Fernando Di Leo. This movie is pure unadulterated eurotrash... hot women, lusty sex scenes, and bloody violence that makes absolutely no sense. Aside from the ungodly-hot Rosalba Neri as the nymphomaniac whose lust for her brother causes her to want to make it with all men (she wears an amazing outfit too... so hot... unbelievably hot), Klaus Kinski is what makes this movie. Beforehand Lars said that in reading Kinski's autobiography, he learned that the dude would take pretty much any job if it meant he could lay a hot chick. With that in mind, every second Kinski is on screen he's seen leering at some actress or completely uninterested in whatever part he's playing in whichever movie he's in. His long blonde hair which looks like a bad wig but I guess is real is definitely more important to him than any sort of acting task as he constantly brushes a lock or two off his bulbous forehead or straightens it out while playing scenes.

The movie makes so little sense that any sort of plot summary just wouldn't work. I'd rather just remember this for the ultra-hot euro-babe Rosalbe Neri and another classic Kinski performance. Oh yeah, I'd heard from a friend beforehand that this movie has some extreme stretch marks in it and indeed it does, embedded deep in the movie during like a 20 minute lesbian nurse sequence which includes bathing, African tribal dance, making out, and a crowwbow bolt through the neck. awesome.
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