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Title:   Series 7
Director:   Daniel Minahan
Year:   2001
Genre:   Mockumentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.09.05

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- Deadwood: The Movie

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.09.05DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2005
Today is the 1-year anniversary of starting this site. I've seen 462 movies in the past year... a little over 1.25 movies a day! That's a little scary but also pretty awesome. I guess full-on scary would be a sustained 2 movie a day habit, or even a 3 movie a day habit. If you ever see a yearly total of over 1000 on here, send me an email and tell me to go outside.

So I want to sort of commemorate the occasion of actually sticking with something that I do almost every day for a year and I also have 10 movies on my DVR that need watching... my aim is to tackle a good 4-5 of them tonight. I am giving up Weird Wednesdays this week to have my own little mini-marathon of completely random movies that have been collecting digital dust on the hard drive.

First up was an hour-long bit TCM ran on Alfred Hitchcock, intercutting scenes from his most famous movies with interview footage where he tells of his methods of making good suspense. There wasn't much new here that I hadn't already seen in other similar programs but hearing Hitch talk is always entertaining and seeing the selected clips makes me want to revisit some of his movies (or catch up on the few that I haven't yet seen (hint hint)).

Next was Series 7 (AKA The Contenders), a movie that fell through the cracks for me because I always got the title mixed up with Session 9: a surprisingly creepy no-budget indie movie. This one is a satire of reality television that sort of blends Survivor and The Real World with The Running Man and Battle Royale. Five people are drawn by lottery and given guns then forced to hunt each other down until only one remains, who then gets to move on to the next season.

The movie's constructed like a marathon of television episodes, much like The Real World does, unwillingly sapping you in for an entire Saturday. So there's lots of nice touches that remind us of the TV nature of it all. It's a fun little movie... the shame is that it reminds me of better movies (OK, this is maybe better than the movie version of The Running Man, but the book kicks its ass)... Arrested Development's Will Arnett has a small part though, so rock on.
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