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Title:   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Director:   Mike Newell
Year:   2005
Genre:   Fantasy
Times Seen:   4
Last Seen:   12.10.11

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- Donnie Brasco

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12.10.11DVD Playing the next Harry Potter game makes me want to finish catching up with the series. Especially considering I'm currently playing year 7 which I haven't even seen once. So Molly and I watched this. Everybody has long hair in this one. I also don't like how we like Mad Eye for the whole movie then learn it's not really him. Who knows how he really acts but we're supposed to like him for the rest of the series anyway. Still don't like how Sirius isn't really in this at all but whatever, it's still a good movie.
12.03.06DVD another impulse watch. it still feels like it plays on fast forward in a few spots (especially the first act stuff... the quidditch world cup and the dragons most noticeably) and I still don't see why people would sit for a two hour thirty minute Harry Potter part 4 but not a three hour Harry Potter part 4 but oh well... I guess I should get used to it as there's just as many pages in all the books from here on out and people can only hold their pee in for so long.

at this point i just hope that they can keep it all together for the last three films. It'd be a real achievement to have the same cast (well, except Richard Harris but you can't really blame him for dying) through a 7-film series... just keeping my fingers crossed that none of the kids pick up a coke habit or hire a demanding agent or something... that'd suck.
05.17.06DVD I still think it's about a half hour too short but in checking the deleted scenes I see there's only a couple minutes worth that wasn't included so... oh well. still good... but I think I'm gonna end up liking the third movie the most out of all 7.
11.21.05Alamo South Lamar At Alamo South with a Hogwarts Feast. I was really curious about this one because it's the first adaptation of the longer books in the series. I mean it had to happen but my thoughts are pretty predictable. I think the movie was good but it felt a bit cursory and rushed (story-wise, not production). Characters like Snape and Sirius are hardly in this movie at all which is a shame because they both largely depend on this entry and the next for us as an audience to really be there for what happens. The movie also skips over scenes I kinda wanted to see. There surely must have been more elegant ways to segue through the dragon fights or the Quidditch World Cup. I hate hearing lines of dialogue explaining what happened that we didn't get to see I really think that anyone who watches this fourth Harry Potter movie would be OK with a 3.5 or even 4 hour movie... it's not like any of us are on the fence about it... like gee, i loved the first three but... John Williams isn't doing the music for this one so I am not seeing it unless it's only 2 hours 45 minutes instead of 3.

But anyway, I think it still works as a film... but I also think that from here on out the books become more and more set-up for the last one so the movies will have to work a bit harder to stand on their own, especially with twice as much source material to cut out than the previous three. I think the first two movies translated the vibe of Harry Potter books perfectly, the third one went above and beyond, and this one falls just a bit short. The effects may be better and their hair may be a bit longer but it feels scissored a bit... like they let the vibe slip through their fingers while trying to hold onto the plot.

Still good though, don't get me wrong. I am just starting to think that Azkaban is pretty hard to beat.