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Title:   Danger: Diabolik
Director:   Mario Bava
Year:   1968
Genre:   Cult
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   06.06.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.06.06  oooh it's 6.06.2006.... if i was in highschool i would be excited. instead, I watched Danger: Diabolik. I love showing this movie to people. it really should be shown in highschools... I can't imagine any type of person who isn't crazy that doesn't like this movie. it's so great. i love it so.
01.02.06DVD I actually got my parents to watch this at midnight after the ball dropped. They both kind of dozed by the end but that they stuck around till the end was enough for me. My mom mentioned how bad the Valmont character treated women and I thought about No Way Out with that line where the guy likes the gutter because that's where he found his girl came to mind... after that dude, Valmont is like Gandhi.

Great movie though. I can't wait to check out the John Phillip Law commentary... there are some DVDs which just feel right to add to the collection.
11.22.05Alamo Downtown AKA Danger: Diabolik! AKA the movie that the Beastie Boys used for their Body Movin video AKA the coolest film ever made by a really cool director known for horror. Maybe it was the gorgeous new print, but for some reason instead of laughing at the uber-dated special effects and the general cheese factor of it all, I just sat there thinking this was an amazing movie. I SO want to live Diabolik's life now... I SO want his secret cavern lair, his underwater jetcraft, his circular bed that rotates around his entertainment center. I want John Phillip Law's cheek bones and I most definitely want his hot euro-babe and her entire wardrobe. This is like Barbarella meets the 60s Batman meets Italian style and fashion. IMDb says it was based on a comic strip. I totally buy that. I will also totally by the DVD.
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