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Title:   Voodoo Rhythm: The Gospel of Primitive Rock n Roll
Director:   Marc A. Littler
Year:   2005
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.23.05

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11.23.05Music Monday A documentary about Hamburg-based small primitive music label Voodoo Rhythm and the eclectic line-up of musicians they have signed. This show also had Voodoo Rhythm act John Schooley in the house to give a 20-minute performance of his one-man band rock n roll. The music was decent for a one man band, sort of working within those limitations and managing to excel just because of the raw emotion behind it... which turned out to be the point of the whole documentary and every band on the label. There are some funny interviews and some really interesting music but the documentary itself is not very good. It's about 40 minutes too long and paced very poorly. By the last few bands I was actively hoping for it to end, then afterward I was so exhausted/emptied of patience that I didn't feel like putting up with the huge crowd for weird wendesday and left. However, I really think it would be cool to have Voodoo Rhythm bands do a soundtrack for some small indie movie or something. The different bands are so diverse but also share certain indefinable similarities that I bet it would really make a mark as film music, sort of like The Doors with Apocalypse Now or Neil Young with Dead Man. Very interesting though... I think Music Mondays are quickly eclipsing Weird Wednesdays as far as my excitement level is concerned and, looking at the new program calendar, there are some really great shows coming up that I can't wait to see. Go Music Mondays!
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