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Title:   Silent Night, Deadly Night
Director:   Charles E. Sellier, Jr.
Year:   1984
Genre:   Slasher
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   11.26.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.26.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Turkeython 2005
-A Christmas Story
-Demonoid ("This is a warning for those who believe, eternal damnation for those who do not")
-Motel Hell (complete with a messenger of death, a piggy with a chainsaw, and a "secret garden" of people buried up to their necks in dirt with their heads covered by burlap sacks)

With the wait staff fleeing and Tim taking up the Projectionist's reins, the shamefully few of us who showed up for this event moved into the third film of the night. Silent Night, Deadly Night was shown pretty recently as part of QT6's '80s Horror Movie Night and I think both Blake and Charlie reviewed the film better than I can (coverage here and here), so instead of going on and on, I'll just mention that the mustachiod cop who shoots the wrong Santa has the reddest eyes ever. Get some Visine, man... you look so high!

After the movie, Tim played the Alamo's full recording of Quentin Tarantino, together with Robert Rodriguez, re-enacting the film's great beginning scene (glimpsed here) on stage for all those lucky enough to stick it out for the last night of QT6. Just a little Thanksgiving treat doubling as a reminder of why the Alamo Drafthouse is the best theater in the world. You don't see Tarantino acting out scenes at the Arclight do you? Hell No!

Things Learned from Silent Night, Deadly Night
-Every nice boy and girl wants a bloody box cutter for Christmas. Trust me.
-Shoot your movie in a toy store so 15 years from now even if the movie sucks 20-somethings can watch and see in the background all the toys they had when they were kids.
-If all your kid can say is "naughty" and "punish," get him some help. No matter how muscular his body or cherubic his face is, get him some help.
09.10.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT6
Many cool things about this one. First: it's awesome. Second: QT told us about how, after he'd finally discovered this movie and talked to Robert Rodriguez about how cool it is, Rodriguez came back with a fully-memorized in-character rendition of the beginning monologue. Understandably so because this beginning scene is so awesome... i mean it's SO awesome that i shouldn't even really write about it. The whole movie is great actually but it all starts with this one scene that i really wish Rodriguez was there so he could do it for us after the show. Maybe he'll put it on a DVD sometime or something.

Another really cool thing about this movie is at one point the main character, who's been horribly scarred against Santa Claus since the aforementioned first scene, gets a job in a toy store. This movie was like 1984 so there's the Jabba the Hut toy there, there's Castle Greyskull in the background, there's Mouse Trap, there's a Krull boardgame, there's the 80s "Monster Make-Up Kit" there in the background, all these great toys that i remember drooling over in Toys R Us when i was little. It was really cool to see those again for sure.

and then he starts killing people.

There are a few puns here and there but mostly this kid just says "NAUGHTY" and "PUNISH" over and over again and really, that's all he needs to say. The sick and twisted nature of this whole movie says it all for him. A real classic.
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