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Title:   Inframan
Director:   Shan Hua
Year:   1975
Genre:   Cult
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.26.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.26.05Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Turkeython 2005
-The Bodyguard (VIVA! CHIBA!!)
-Robotrix (Sympathy for Lady Robocop?)
-Sting of the Dragon Masters (with hilarious use of Bernard Herrmann's North by Northwest score)

For the final movie of the night, Tim introduced Inframan: A Shaw Brothers cash-in on the Ultraman series complete with the best villain of all time (Princess Dragon Mom) and a lackadaisical motorcycle chase which did indeed prove to be quite leisurely and well-described. With that, Tim thanked us all for coming out and hurried up to the projection room to start the reels.

The other contributors to this site whup my butt with their Shaw Brothers knowledge. Therefore, what I offer up a novice's perspective. This site is also no stranger to this movie (evidence here) but one thing happened during this specific screening that made it extra special and cool. Just as Princess Dragon Mom came on and went into her whole world domination monologue, a technical issue tripped out the projector and the film slowly sped down to a stop. Hearing her plans for complete control of the planet distend and deform into low guttural whispers that left us all deeply impressed. The guy next to me said that should've been in the movie right there for real. I agreed. Of course, two guys sitting in the back filled us in on what she actually said, presumably because they had the movie memorized. They then went on to debate the other merits of the movie until the difficulty was fixed and Princess Dragon Mom popped on the screen with her awesome snake head/whip hand once more.

I personally found the movie pretty exhausting. So much fighting. So many explosions. It's the kind of movie that starts off at 103 mph and never dips under 70. It was great and hilarious and absurd and strange but also pretty tiring. I did notice one moment though, where a man in suit must have been stuck on set too long because he was totally doing the pee-pee dance off in the background. I'm also trying to figure out which was my favorite kung-fu monster. I think it has to be drill-man because his drill was so curved and non-functional and he really makes no sense. He's like a clump of dirt with a drill for one hand and an inanimate metal claw/vice for the other. That knows kung-fu. Awesome.

Things learned from Inframan
-Scientists are cooler with Austin Powers wigs.
-Just because you're an elemental demon spirit or whatever doesn't mean you don't have to go to the bathroom every once in a while.
-Having eyeballs on your hands must be kinda cool... like... when you're alone... and curious.

With that the night ended. A tad premature in my opinion. It's not a full-on all-nighter unless you walk out to bright shiny morning sunlight if you ask me. Still, dumping about a dozen of us out into the deserted 4:30 AM Austin streets felt suitably alien, like we had been on some long journey and had finally found that loose brick in the tunnel which let us escape back into civilization. According to Tim, they're planning another horrorthon for the future so if this sounded like fun and you're in the area be sure to make it out. These are truly special events that deserve recognition and applause.
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