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Title:   Brother on the Run
Director:   Herbert L. Strock
Year:   1973
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.30.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.30.05Weird Wednesday yay for weird wednesdays! I should also note that on Monday there was an awesome Music Monday night with a double feature of short documentaries: One about the famous Record Row of Chicago: a localized street in town that played home to a phenomenal series of small black record labels in the 50s before Motown came in. They also played an awesome doc on Jamaica's sound system movement and how it relates to modern DJ culture. Both were too short to get their own entries (I don't really see them as "movies" per se) but they were awesome.

Also, before this movie they had the "reels of steel: Texas Showdown." It's kind of like DJ battles but instead of trading back and forth, the Alamo invited the film archivists who are in town for this huge film archivist convention to bring their best stuff and show it against everyone else's best stuff. The result was 9 short bits of film that are really nothing like you'd ever see anywhere else. We had experimental montage animation, two and a half minutes of time lapse photography of a bank in Chicago, a reel of sleazy NY porn, a XXX-rated porn animated with clay-enhanced dolls, 33 yo-yo tricks done by this 70s superstud in aviator sunglasses, a Moonwalker-esque film made to open Styx concerts, an incredibly strange air-force-produced called "Aaark: Something about Communication," some re-edited footage of Ronald Reagan praising crack cocaine and urging all Americans to take up a drug habit, and a so-innocent-it's-dirty bit about a little kid working in a firehouse. All in all it was pretty damn cool. All the archivists in the house were all loud and rowdy like this was clearly the coolest thing they'd be doing while in town, and Tim gave the winner a nice piece of bling: a necklace with a little 35mm film canister that actually spins! The audience decided on the winner (it was basically a tie between the yo-yo film and the air force communication oddity but Tim sided with the Yo-Yo and although i was cheering for Aaark, I was not unhappy with the yo-yo. That dude was cool, man). Awesomeness.

So then I stayed in the packed lobby for Brother on the Run. This is basically a really cheapo blaxploitation movie starring some dude doing his best Sidney Poitier impersonation. Some great funk soundtrack, some hilarious lines, some good luvins... it was a good time. As a teaser for the trailerthon that they're showing this Saturday night, they showed two new trailers from their "A-stock" which I have to say blew me away. The Thunder Cops trailer was like a whole movie. it had complete fight scenes, all sorts of chinese myusticism, a few zombies getting mown down, and chicks shooting at eachother. Superargo and the Faceless Giants was also fun in a completely different way.
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